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Our heirloom quality engagement ring settings and jewelry is hand crafted with careful attention to quality and craftsmanship here in the United States. From the alloying of our gold to the selection of diamonds and gemstones, and the hand finished treatments each piece receives we create timeless, inspired designs in ways that assure lasting durability and appreciation. Every piece of jewelry made is a combination of precious metal, gemstones, design, and craftsmanship. Industry wide, compromises in metal and stone grades, details, durability and manufacturing methods are needed to satisfy a wide range of consumer needs. At Jabel we do not make compromises.

  • Die Striking The die-striking process of jewelry making, the method which most Jabel components are made from, results in a product that has a much higher density and durability than more common “cast” jewelry, that is made in low pressure molds. The cornerstone of the Jabel Method is “PRESSURE”. After alloying our metals, our experienced jewelers begin forming intricate parts using a series of metal forming tools called dies. Fifty tons of pressure is repeatedly applied to the ingot forming gold, platinum, or palladium jewelry of higher luster and greater density. Whether it is one of our engagement ring settings, or a fancy diamond bracelet, each piece can be expected to last for generations to come.
  • Our Alloys Our alloys are exceptional. Strength and malleability are critical to the longevity of any jewelry. In-house metal alloying assures our customers that the precious metal in today’s Jabel pieces is every bit as pure as when we started making jewelry. Jabel was one of the first manufacturers to create white gold using a 15% mixture of Palladium, resulting in a whiter, cleaner-looking white gold. Our Platinum is 95% Platinum and 5% Ruthenium, an excellent alloy renowned for its hardness and wear resistance.  Plus, we offer nickle free jewelry using Palladium in our white gold.
  • Made In USA Handcrafted in America. Our method of manufacturing, although evolved through modern techniques, is still a process of hand assembly, setting, finishing and polishing. Our highly skilled artisans create the equivalent of original works of art. Each piece is handcrafted requiring as many as 50 separate steps to complete a piece of jewelry. Competing lines, even many nationally advertised brands, are typically fabricated overseas using less expensive casting methods of manufacturing, which can be brittle and show wear.